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  • Dhaval Potdar

    Dhaval Potdar

    Yet another data enthusiast | AI Research

  • Valeria Borovova

    Valeria Borovova

  • Renu Khandelwal

    Renu Khandelwal

    Loves learning, sharing, and discovering myself. Passionate about Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Marco Cerliani

    Marco Cerliani

    Statistician Hacker & Data Scientist | https://stackoverflow.com/u/10375049

  • Parul Pandey

    Parul Pandey

    Data Science @H2O.ai | Editor @wicds

  • Abhinav Sagar

    Abhinav Sagar

    Deep learning researcher at VIT Vellore. https://abhinavsagar.github.io

  • Yinghan Xu

    Yinghan Xu

    Demonstration for my exploring in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. My Github link: https://github.com/RockyXu66

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